Hideo Kojima Teases Possible New Death Stranding DLC With Cheeky 1917 Trailer

Just when we thought Death Stranding was going to stand on its own two feet as a full game without any add-ons, Hideo Kojima comes on and prods our gaming noggins with what looks to be possible new content for the award-winning game.

Very recently, Kojima-san posted up a curious video on Twitter featuring footage from the game, but very cleverly stylised in the way promotional trailers were done for the Oscar-winning war film 1917.

The video showcased Norman Reedus’ Sam Porter Bridges back in his iconic hazmat suit, sprinting away from World War I-styled aircraft amid gunfire bombarding him from all sides, in a trench-filled environment similar to the events in ‘Episode 4: Unger’. The camera then zooms away from him, revealing an ominous “2020” logo.

Coupled with Kojima-san’s ominous “Coming 2020” caption, what does this all mean? All signs point to a piece of DLC coming for Death Stranding, but we can’t be too sure for now. Hopefully, it’s not just the fact that the game will be coming to PC later this year, which we know of already.

Fingers crossed, folks.