Here’s How To Experience All Of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’s Endings In One Sitting

With the brand new Black Mirror: Bandersnatch episode now streaming on Netflix, one question remains: How many endings are there exactly and how do I get to all of them?

The quick answer is that there are basically thirteen-ish endings to Bandersnatch and with a myriad of ways to get there.

Like any video gamer who wants to power through and experience them all, here’s the best way to experience the show in one sitting:

  • Stay on rails: Choosing options is a fraud (this is quite meta), let Netflix choose the options for you.
  • Do not end the show prematurely at any time even if the credits roll: This is not a traditional story.
  • Turn on subtitles: You will need this for a specific sequence of the game.
  • Runtime is a lie: You will need at least 3 hours to experience everything as the show loops a fair bit. You’ll know you’ve hit the end of Bandersnatch when Netflix rolls on the show to another Black Mirror episode.

Spoiler warning: Do not proceed past this section if you want to experience the show spoiler free.

A user on reddit, alpine-, has mapped out the possible pathways of Bandersnatch:

Almost 4 hours after release and I think I have mapped Bandersnatch. Throw tea over computer. from blackmirror

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