Here’s How LG Spares No Effort In Developing Top Tier Home Appliances For Their Customers

From Busan’s airport to LG’s main Changwon facility, the entire town feels like it’s a town built for the Korean Conglomerate. The local basketball team even bears the name of the company. Look up Changwon LG Sakers and you’d find they are a legit team complete with a home stadium at all.

However, there are more pressing things to discover deep in the LG Changwon Electronics’ Food Science Research Institute. It’s here where LG home appliances (to name a few) ranging from refrigerators, microwaves, and water purifiers are developed. Geek Culture had a chance to take a glimpse into how the magic happens over the course of a day, and LG took some time to share their philosophy into making awesome products for their customers.

Starting off with the cooking development room, the first thing that strikes you is the number of cooking tools they have in the department. For folks who have not visited a lab, this should not come as a surprise. After all, what better way to ensure quality and consistency when comparing food cooked in, for example, a tandoor with that from an LG microwave oven.

The ideal which LG is looking to achieve is straightforward – despite being a Korean company, the goal is to ensure their customers around the world can expect their food tasting exactly how it should be even if it’s not prepped with the same cooking apparatus.

As we’re led to the food analysis lab, the room is lined with a variety of refrigerators to help the research folks better understand how food is better stored. With a range of fridges each having varying power and storage capacity, these variables affect the freshness of the food kept within.

While it might seem trivial but how food is stored for a large family to a single individual at home will affect the quality of food depending on a variety of factors such as how full the fridge is and where certain food items are stored. All these small little quirks are observed by LG to help them make sense of how to develop a good range of products which can be well received not only in South Korea but the world as well.

While all this might be all lip service, LG has sectioned out an area to conduct focus groups on the food quality right on site. It’s not quite the Ichiran Ramen setting we’re familiar but we’re sure it does the job. 

Being Korean, it wouldn’t come as a surprise LG has developed their very own kimchi refrigerator. In fact, there are actually plans to roll out similar specialised devices around the world but not without caveats.

“While we are looking to develop and create specialized refrigerators from around the world to suit different markets needs, we are unable to find the right personnel to help develop these products at the moment,” according to Park Sang Ho who is the head of research around these parts.

If you’re the type who would love to create a fridge for sauerkraut or other fermented condiments, there might very well be a career opportunity at LG.

One thing that the world still faces these days is access to clean drinking water which LG is looking to expand upon as well. In Singapore, the quality of water is top notch, but it’s not quite the case in other parts of the world. Across the causeway, one of the products the Malaysian market would be obtaining would be a water filter made by LG. These range of devices are developed right here in this facility as well

While we’re pretty sure the range of these tests we were shown during the brief tour of this section isn’t the most exhaustive, LG was quick to emphasize the process to ensure their water filters would be able to remove impurities efficiently and effortlessly.

The company’s commitment to quality is admirable and when you’re passing by the bust of the company’s founder, Koo In-Hwoi, daily it’s hard not to embody his values. This is coming from a man whose main emphasis was ensuring customer trust is never compromised and providing a superior product is the single focus of the company.

To put things into perspective, what better way to showcase the sum of all the research parts than with an actual penthouse for fortunate guests to witness the most premium appliances LG has to offer in a real-life environment.