Hasbro Fuses Our Childhoods Together With My Little Pony x Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Crossover

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has gotten quite a lot of love in 2020. From getting two new comic books from Boom! Studios, to getting an epic collaboration with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it certainly is a great time to be a fan of the franchise.

But the franchise isn’t quite done with the collaborations just yet. Instead of donning human-sized turtle shells, this time the iconic heroes will be taking on hooves as part of a new collaboration with My Little Pony, in Hasbro’s latest Crossover Collection.

Previously, My Little Pony did collaborations with Dungeons & Dragons and Ghostbusters, and this time fans of the 4.5-inch toys will get to collect a Pink Ranger version of the pony, with a Cutie Mark inspired by the Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger. It is available for purchase now on Hasbro Pulse, and will retail for US$12.99.