Netflix Scraps ‘Power Rangers’ Live-Action Series, Hasbro Seeks New Partner

Netflix has decided to halt its plans for a live-action Power Rangers series, ending the development that spanned over two years. This decision, initially revealed on X/Twitter and later confirmed by TVLine, marks a significant shift for the franchise under Netflix’s banner.

Power Rangers

Hasbro, the owner of the Power Rangers brand, is reportedly seeking a new direction for the series, potentially partnering with another platform or producer to continue the project. In 2020, Hasbro had ambitious plans for a connected Power Rangers universe spanning both television and film, with Jonathan Entwistle, co-creator of I’m Not Okay With This, slated to lead the initiative.

Jenny Klein, known for her work on Daisy Jones & the Six and as a story editor on Supernatural, was attached as the showrunner for the now-discontinued Netflix series. Her continued involvement in any future iterations of the project remains uncertain.


In the wake of the cancellation, Amy Jo Johnson, famously known as the original Pink Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993-1995), took to social media to voice her thoughts. Johnson tweeted a direct appeal to Hasbro, suggesting her own concept for the franchise.

This indicates not only her willingness to remain engaged with the franchise but also her proactive approach to possibly shaping its future. Johnson’s proposal hints at a continuation or revival that could resonate well with fans who have a long-standing emotional connection to the original series.

Power Rangers
Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Once and Always

Despite the cancellation of this particular series, Netflix’s engagement with the Power Rangers world is not entirely over. In the previous year, Netflix released Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Once and Always, a special that revisited the iconic characters from the original series, celebrating their legacy and reuniting actors from the ensemble.

The future of the Power Rangers series is now up in the air, with many details yet to be clarified. These include the potential new home for the series and whether the original creative team will remain involved. Additionally, the specific reasons behind Netflix’s decision to scrap the series have not been disclosed, leaving fans speculating about the future of this beloved franchise.