My Little Pony X Dungeons & Dragons, Ghostbusters, Transformers & Power Rangers Toys Are Coming

In a recent early listing poster up by Amazon UK (which has since been removed), we managed to catch a glimpse of what looks to be an upcoming Crossover Collection by Hasbro to target the geeks. The first wave of the range will include:

  • My Little Pony X Ghostbusters Crossover Collection Plasmane
  • My Little Pony X Transformers Crossover Collection My Little Prime
  • My Little Pony X Power Rangers Crossover Collection Morphin Pink Pony
  • My Little Pony X Dungeons & Dragons Crossover Collection Cutie Marks & Dragons

The Dungeons & Dragons set includes 5 ponies with fabric clothing, a D20 die, and even a Dungeon Master Screen! The character classes featured in this set looks to be Wizard, Barbarian, Rogue, Bard and Druid.

Here is the full product descriptions that were originally posted up:

  • MY LITTLE PONY X GHOSTBUSTERS CROSSOVER – Fandoms collide when My Little Pony meets Ghostbusters for a crossover toy.
  • CUTIE MARKS AND ECTO-PLASM Crossover Collection Plasmane is an exciting character mashup 4 5-inch figure has a retro My Little Pony form factor with Ghostbusters-inspired design.
  • CLASSIC GHOSTBUSTERS MOVIE-INSPIRED PONY Design and Cutie Mark are inspired by the iconic Ghostbusters story Collect a favorite Ghostbusters look in a fresh and different form factor.
  • COLLECT AND DISPLAY Figure is a great way for fans of the My Little Pony or Ghostbusters brand to complete their collections Display your figure in the special packaging Ages 4 and up.
  • BUILD YOUR COLLECTION Start a collection with Transformers My Little Prime and Power Rangers Morphin Pink Pony My Little Pony figures (Each sold separately Subject to availability).

And here’s a first look at Plasmane, price at 318 Kr ($32.31 USD).