Hasbro Announces New Cobra Commander 6-Inch G.I. Joe Classified Series Action Figure

Hasbro has been on fire with its recent announcements. Not long after dropping the Marvel Legends Premium Interactive Deadpool Head, it announced a new lineup of G.I. Joe Classified 6-inch action figures.

At the heart of this new lineup is none other than one of the franchise’s most iconic villains, Cobra Commander. Previously, we were entreated to Snake Eyes, in anticipation of the upcoming movie starring Henry Golding, so this one will no doubt be another highly-anticipated figure for G.I. Joe fans.

Though many versions of Cobra Commander have existed since his first appearance in the comics in 1982, this G.I. Joe Classified action figure features him in his classic blue garb with silver faceplate. It also comes complete with his signature pistol and sword, as well as alternate hands.

The G.I. Joe Classified Cobra Commander action figure will drop on 15 September 2020, and will retail for US$19.99.