Google Pixel 6: Live Translate Is The One Feature Every Traveller Needs As Part Of Their Kit

If you’ve been scanning headlines for Google Pixel 6 news, this is one feature that deserves more time in the spotlight –

Leveraging on the power of Marie Kondo, Google did save the most impressive implementation of their tech for last.

With their new Live Translate feature, it’s really a culmination of everything we’ve loved from the company. Combining Google Translate, Google Lens, AI Transcription, the Google Pixel 6 will be the best travel companion for anyone in a foreign country.

The speed at which the Google Pixel 6 is able to translate spoken word is impressive and we do recommend checking out the video above. Skip on ahead to 58:17 for Google’s flex.

While we tried our best to look for editing magic, it’s either an impressive job or the Google Pixel 6 truly is able to capture and translate at speed.

And it seems that integration into other applications is possible as well. Snapchat will be leveraging this tech to offer live transcriptions to provide captions in a multitude of languages in real-time.

If there’s one feature that could sort out one part of our lives like Marie Kondo, this is it.

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