Google Meet To Get Automated Meeting Transcriptions, Enhanced Web Calls

Google announced today at its I/O developer event that it is rolling out new machine-learning features in Google Workspace to help users work better. Two of these new features are its automated meeting transcriptions for Google Meet and AI-led enhancements to web calls, both coming later this year.

On top of other Google Meet features incorporated into the platform over the years, the soon-to-arrive automated transcriptions for Google Meet will be a godsend for those who missed meetings as it will provide a written copy for them to stay abreast of the discussion. The transcriptions also let attendees easily refer to what was discussed at a later date. Coupled with Google’s recently introduced automated summaries in Google Docs, users can stay updated and focused on their projects with ease.

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For those who use Google Meet web calls frequently, the enhancements to the platform’s capabilities will help you get seen and heard easier. Portrait restore will automatically enhance video quality while in the cloud, leading to better quality calls without impacting your device performance.

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Meanwhile, Portrait light uses machine learning to simulate studio-quality lighting in your video feed to let you control how you want to be seen on screen. Users can adjust the brightness as well as the light position with simple controls.

Google Meet users can expect automated transcriptions and web call enhancements to hit later this year.