Google Brings Customised AI Assistant To Users With Gemini Gems

With a whole slew of AI-related announcements released during Google I/O 2024, the introduction of a new Gemini AI assistant might be the most compelling for the average user.

The general idea is a personalized AI chat assist within Gemini which a user can train that is tailored to their unique needs and tastes.

If you’ve watched the movie Her, we’re now one step closer to that.

For some users, being able to revisit the custom assistant that has been trained to your needs is a compelling prospect. Imagine a personal AI chef who understands your culinary preferences and guides you through in creating the perfect meal.

Based on the current AI interface, it might be hard to see it all come together as it involves quite a bit of rigor to train your assistant accurately. But Google showed off a potential prospect to help get around that in the form of Project Astra.

Apart from reviving the interest in Google Glasses, Project Astra showed off the contextual use of a visual AI assistant. However, we should note that such an attempt is not entirely unique as rivals, Meta and OpenAI each have their own approach to AI assistants.

During Google I/O 2024, the company was specific in which areas their Gemini was used to train their models. When it comes to personal files, Google is seeking to ensure that such content will be kept private. While the prospect of a custom-made AI sounds enticing, the reality might be tricker to bring to life. After all, the quality of the AI would largely depending on the inputs as well which will require a bit of experimentation to get right.

As it stands, the new Google Gemini Gems feature would sit behind a paywall. Google will charge US$20 for access to Gemini Advanced and it comes with a two-month free trial. Perhaps, just enough time to build a habit and reliance on Gemini itself.