God of War Potentially Coming To PS4 in March 2018!

During the PlayStation showcase at E3 2017 and Paris Games Week, the trailers for God of War were unveiled in the full glory of 4K screens, with no set release date, but a confirmed year of 2018, much like Spider-Man.

If this image taken from the US PlayStation Network Store is to be believed, come 22 March 2018, players will be able to embark on Kratos’ journey with his son Atreus as he travels through a war-torn, desolate world, promised to have many new features to set it apart from its predecessor.

The website also states that the game would be out in 391 days, which is 31 December 2018, the usual placeholder date for games with an unreleased date.

It’s time to hop aboard the God of War hype.

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