Get GTA V Free To Keep From Epic Games Store On 14 May

Everybody loves free games, and Epic Games Store knows this well. The company, after all, has been rolling out some free titles over the past few weeks, with the next one slated to release later today, 14 May 2020. But it seems the gamers aren’t the only ones who are excited, as the official Twitter account for Epic Games accidentally let the name of the game slip, and it’s a familiar one: Grand Theft Auto V.

The tweet has since been deleted, but Twitter user Wario64 managed to grab a screenshot of the announcement, stating that the deal will be available for one week until 21 May. This also confirms earlier rumours that GTA V was Epic Games’ next free game.

Despite launching on PC five years ago, the Rockstar game has consistently remained as one of Steam’s most popular, with a still thriving, active player base. Many will already have GTA V in their library, but if you have been missing out on the action, there’s no better time to jump in than now. Besides this, there are a host of other free games to check out for the month of May, too.