Geek Giveaway: Razer Gold & Silver Virtual Credits For Free Games & In-Game Items

If you think that all Razer does is make great peripherals (mouse, chair, wearable air purifier, etc.) for gamers, you’d be mostly right, though not fully. Razer has also made Razer Gold and Razer Silver.

Razer Gold is the unified virtual credit that gamers worldwide can use to buy games and in-game content. It can be used in over 42,000 games and entertainment content. Razer Gold can be reloaded either online or at any of the 5.6 million channel touchpoints around the globe.

Razer Silver is a loyalty rewards program for gamers, who can earn Razer Silver by using Razer Gold to make game purchases or by participating in Razer’s software and services.

How does it work? Simple. Just create a wallet and you can “reload” it with Razer Gold. You can then use it for a wide variety of games, such as Genshin Impact, Valorant, Minecraft, and many, many more. Then, by using up your Razer Gold and participating in various activities, you will earn Razer Silver, which can be used in exclusive events or for redeeming rewards!

There really is no better time to get in on the action, because today (12 December), is Razer Gold & Silver’s 3rd anniversary!

To celebrate the occasion, Razer will be doing giveaways and deals with exclusive prizes such as the Razer Chroma Mug and 100,000 Razer Silver voucher, both of which are not available for sale.

For the grand giveaway, three lucky winners stand to win a Razer Chroma Mug, Razer Huntsman V2, Razer Basilisk V3, US$100 Bonus Razer Gold, and 100,000 Razer Silver voucher each. There will also be deals with various games that will be revealed between now and 25 December.

To get you started, Razer has kindly sponsored prizes for 3 lucky Geek Culture readers who will get to win US$30 Razer Gold and 30,000 Razer Silver each.


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