Valorant Kicks Off Act II With New Battle Pass, Deathmatch Mode, And Glitchpop Skins

The frenzied, hectic pace of hip firing action in Valorant is set to heat things up with the introduction of the new turret-toting agent Killjoy, but Riot’s popular shooter hybrid still has plenty up its sleeves. Come 4 August 2020, the highly-anticipated Act II update will not only roll out a fresh battle pass and a new set of cosmetics, but also a brand-new mode for more shooting mayhem: Free-for all Deathmatch.

Like the previous battle pass, Act II sets players back by 1,000 Valorant Points, a premium currency that can be bought for US$9.99, in exchange for tons of goodies. First on the list is the Glitchpop line of skins that features elements from the cyberpunk genre, such as popping colours and holographic effects. The Frenzy (pistol), Odin (machine gun), Bulldog (rifle), Judge (shotgun), and melee weapon will receive this aesthetic upgrade.

In addition to the skinline, the battle pass also includes keychain-style “gun buddies”, new sprays, player titles, player card artwork, and Radianite Points – a form of currency used on individual weapons to unlock flashier skins and visual effects.

The star of the update, however, is undoubtedly the Deathmatch mode, slated to launch a day later on 5 August. Described as a ten-player “free-for-all” that “gives dedicated gunslingers a chance to test their flicks”, it removes all hero abilities and grants infinite money, so everyone can pick and switch weapons whenever they deem fit. The main objective is to reach 30 kills, or as many as possible, in six minutes, with players receiving an eight-second invulnerability buff upon spawning. To make things fair, respawns will take place outside of the line of sight of enemies in locations that are close to combat, and with backs turned to a wall.

There is a catch to it, of course. In true back-to-basics fashion, the Deathmatch mode comes with implemented features to discourage camping, such as having a UAV scanning and revealing the locations of all players every five seconds.

All of these features, alongside the addition of Killjoy, should make for a more interesting and dynamic experience, particularly with the decision to encourage movement and aggression in a new mode. There is a little of everything for everyone, too: moderate to fast-paced gameplay in normal casual and ranked matches, adrenaline fuel for the resident thrill seeker with Deathmatch, and colourful aesthetic picks for the fashion-conscious. But why dress to impress, when you can dress to kill?

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