We will be heading down to STGCC this weekend! You can still grab tickets to South East Asia’s very own comic con at the door.

Here are a few more highlights that we think would make a trip down this weekend a worthwhile affair:


It’s not everyday when a powerhouse such as Disney & Marvel makes an appearance in this part of the world. Do check out their booth where you can stand a chance to win prizes. Freebies, who would ever want to miss that out?

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I wonder if there would be exclusive Disney Infinity figures that were featured at D23 convention earlier this year on display or to be given away as prizes. No idea what is Disney Infinity all about? It is but only the most popular video game amongst kids these days.

Aza Miyuko

A chance to meet up with a famous cosplayer would always be the top of the list. So apart from Vampy Bit Me, STGCC would be graced by cosplayer Aza Miyuko from Korea as well.

aza miyuko korea

There would be plenty of other opportunities to grab a picture with other local cosplayers on site as well. I can’t wait to check out their creations!

Board Games

Local boardgame store, Gamersaurus Rex, would be at STGCC to promote the re-release of their very own boardgame, The Package.

While I’ve yet to try the game, I’m pretty stoked at the fact that perhaps one day we might see a GENCON-esque event for board games in Singapore.

the package

Or maybe I’m just over enthusiastic over my love of board games.

So much to see and do! Don’t forget to bring a wallet full of cash to splash on some memorabilia as well. Here’s a full listing of highlights to check out if you are short on time:

Events at a Glance as of 23 Aug

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