If you are hard pressed for time, here are few highlights that you should check if even if you have only an hour to spare!


At the top of the hour, the Marvel booth would kick things off with a giveaway – tees, posters, buttons and sometimes even more. I’ve never encountered such a generous booth that gave out so much freebies at a convention and the crowd certainly responded in kind!

The posters were the highlight of the booth in my opinion, would definitely look awesome when they go up on the cubicle in office.

Just a taste of the buttons I was given. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D were certainly in excess.

Protip: If you are a parent with a kid at STGCC, this is the booth to be as kids get the lion share of the freebies.

Hot Toys / Iron Man Hall of Armour

The first thing that you should do if you are entering once the doors open at 10am would be to turn left and head for this glorious place.

Why? It was simply the most crowded area in the entire con. Best to grab a good shot of the Hall of Armour before other shutterbugs fill up the space.

Get ready for Iron Man overdose at STGCC!

This would not be the only Iron Man display at the con but it sure hell is the most impressive.

501st Legion – Singapore Chapter

Do your part for charity! With a $2 donation, you get to grab a picture with R2 while surrounded by Imperials.

Hm, that didn’t come out right.

Family portrait gone wrong

Another thing not to miss would be their recreation of the battle of Endor. It’s littered with plenty of easter eggs, so do keep a look out for them!

What are those Ewoks in the foreground doing??


Grab every single opportunity to take a snap of a cosplayer while bulldozing through the crowd. Extra points earned for tossing your camera to a stranger and take a pic with the cosplayer yourself!

Accurately reflects Marvel / DC representation at STGCC. Marvel comes up tops, always.

As you head of the the designated exit, there’s an empty hall where plenty other cosplayers are hanging out. Take some time to pop in there to grab even more great shots.

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Don’t forget to ask nicely for a photog opportunity and compliments on how awesome their costume is would be highly recommended.

Artist’s Alley

Here is the place where you are able to sift out the diamonds in the rough. Hold on to your wallet here, that’s unless you haven’t spent everything on the glorious amounts of toys available on your way here.

I picked up 2 tees here and checked out one of few locally designed board games, The Regimen. At the same time, do spare a few minutes to chat with the designers of their respective games! Last chance to splash your cash? This is the best spot without blowing another big hole in your wallet.


Special mention – The Falcon’s Hanger

Check out the exclusive Metroplex Transformer for sale, it’s that impressive.


Tell me if you survived the temptation to grab it there and then.

STGCC 2013 opens from 10am – 8pm, Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, tickets available at the door. 1 September 2013 would be the final day of the convention.

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