For some reason collectibles always bring out the greatest desire in just about everyone, there’s just this thing about it’s limited nature that makes you want to go “gimme, gimme, gimme!”

When Disney announced that it would be releasing a video game featuring it’s iconic characters in collectible form, a million wallets worldwide just cried out in fear. Just imagine being able to play as Woody (from Toy Story) and James P. Sullivan (from Monsters Inc) at the same time in perhaps in another Disney movie’s setting – the possibilities!

With the initial release, Disney is merely scratching the surface of the extensive list of IPs. I can image that perhaps one day, maybe, even the Marvel and Star Wars universes might combine. Kingdom Hearts? This is the next biggest bad boy in the yard.

Check out this exclusive figurine of Sorcerer Mickey that was available only to D23 attendees. The appeal of the item has allowed it to fetch a bid of US$100 on Ebay as of writing. For an unreleased game, the appeal of it now is but only the tip of the iceberg.

Here's the Sorcerer Mickey game piece from #DisneyInfinity! Not available until 2014! #D23Expo

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