Far Cry 6 – How to Get Pesos Fast

Now then you have decided to sign up for the revolution in Yara with Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6, you already know how hard life can be going up against the regime. With inferior weapons and danger all around you, the sooner you can get more cash in your pocket, the better. To lend you a hand, here’s our handy guide to get Pesos fast in Far Cry 6.

How To Get Pesos Fast in Far Cry 6

Essentially, Pesos can be found all around the island of Yara. It can be looted from enemies, found in containers, or awarded as rewards for completing objectives and missions. Of course, you will be doing this throughout the entire game, what you need is a surefire way of getting Pesos fast in Far Cry 6.

Bandido Operations

The easiest ways are through the use of Bandido Operations, as well as getting good at cockfighting.

Far Cry 6 - How to Get Pesos Fast - Los Bandidos

The former makes use of Los Bandidos recruits and leaders to do the work for you, and is best complemented with the Bandidos Barracks Camp Facility. Rescue hostages, deface posters, or capturing bases adds recruits to the pools. Leaders, on the other hand, will need you to complete specific Yaran stories to add them to your roster.

You can then send them on missions that can yield anywhere from a few hundred Pesos to the thousands. The caveat will be that you need to wait a while before you can engage in more, and there can be a chance of mission failure.


Another way to get more Pesos in Far Cry 6 during the early game is to play the cockfighting minigame at the Montero Farm camp hideout. At the highest difficulty, you can easily pocket 250 Pesos for a short 1-2 minute fight.

At the highest difficulty, making a wrong move is always gonna cost you. So, be patient, and bait the AI into attacking first. Time your dodge to the side, and then unleash the flying attack. Keep doing this and you will be king of the roosters in no time.

Far Cry 6 - How to Get Pesos Fast - Cockfighting

Selling Specific Spare Materials

If you have plenty of materials to spare, you can also trade those in for a number of Pesos in a pinch, although we would advise against that until you have all the best mods and facilities built.

You can trade in materials like Gasolina (3 Pesos), Metal (3), and Medicine (3), although we will advise keeping more metal for the more important buildings. The other two are plentiful and can be easily found in bases or by ambushing convoys. Other materials like recycled glass and fasteners will also not be useful once you have better gear, so you can get a quick cash boost from trading them in.

This should be your last resort, unless you are already happy with the mods and facilities you have.

For now, that is all you need to know about how to get Pesos fast in Far Cry 6. If you want to know more about the best weapons in the game and how to upgrade them, we have a guide for that as well. If you have other questions regarding Far Cry 6, be sure to hit us up in the comments below and we’ll see how we can help.