Sony Launches Perfect For PlayStation 5 Campaign For BRAVIA XR TVs

It’s only natural for Sony to brand their TVs for the PS5. Specifically, they’ve positioned their BRAVIA XR TVs as being perfect for PlayStation 5 (PS5). These TVs will introduce two new and exclusive PS5 features – Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode.

This goes beyond the 120fps frame rate and 4K resolution, which already brings high fidelity visuals to the forefront. The Auto HDR Tone Mapping optimises HDR settings automatically, ensuring that users can see important details and colours even in high contrast scenes. These extra details can be crucial in games that require constant real-time decision making, such as Gran Turismo 7.

Auto HDR Tone Mapping

The Auto Genre Picture Mode can automatically determine if a user is gaming or watching a movie or show. The TV then will switch between Game Mode and Standard Mode depending on what the user is doing. The former minimises input lag, making games more responsive, while the latter emphasises picture processing for added visual clarity and fidelity.

The only concern here is that input lag might be a sore point for gamers, especially if you’re playing professionally. At its lowest, the Z9J BRAVIA XR TV model can achieve 6ms for input lag, which means monitors still are superior in this aspect.

All in all, the new features will require a software update for both the PS5 and the BRAVIA TVs, which will be available by the end of January 2022.

Now there is even more reason to keep a close watch on Amazon.sg, for both the standard disc and digital edition PS5 listings. If you can get one.