Fans Queue For Hours In Dreary London Weather Just To Meet Hideo Kojima

For those unaware, the Death Stranding World Tour is currently in full swing, with Hideo Kojima having already made his way to countries such as Paris, Berlin, and London. 

Speaking of London, photos and videos have surfaced on Reddit and YouTube of die-hard Kojima fans queueing in the dreary London weather just for a chance to meet the legendary game developer in person. 

A gif posted by Reddit user OPG609 correctly encapsulates how unendingly long the queue seems to be, with the line snaking from the start of the queue to the end of the street where it made a sharp turn and continues on for even longer. 

The long queue has prompted a user on the Reddit to make the witty pun “Death Standing”, a play on the game’s own name. 

Some have even praised how orderly these Londoners were, quietly queueing by the side of the pavement and not making a nuisance of themselves. A user even commented about how he wished to go but was deterred by the rain, which makes us respect these people who have been queueing for what seems like hours all the more. 

With this long queue in the London leg of the Death Stranding World Tour, we wonder what the queue will be like in Singapore, seeing as Singaporeans are also rather well-known for being willing to queue for what we like, no matter how long it takes. We can only hope the queue is as orderly and calm as the one in London.