Experience Seventh Heaven As Final Fantasy VII Remake Characters In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Looking crisp and sharp is serious business in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Everyone, after all, would love to greet their favourite villagers in great style, impressing them with intricate, creative custom designs. While some have decided to draw inspiration from real-life elements like nature and cultural traditions, others are turning to various fandoms for ideas, including the eagerly-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Considering the overwhelming popularity of the original, and the revived interest that has followed the remake, it’s only natural that many gaming enthusiasts have flexed their creative muscles to recreate themed outfits based on the characters. Here’s a whole list of them, from the golden trio of Aerith, Tifa and Cloud, to the One-Winged Angel that is Sephiroth. In fact, let’s kick off the compilation with a sweet four-person party package below, courtesy of Twitter user @the_regressor:


Cloud Strife

The blond, awkward, and endearing wielder of the Buster Sword is everyone’s Best Boy™, so it’s no surprise that there are tons of Cloud-themed designs out there. From his cadet days to the current signature 1st Class SOLDIER uniform, and of course, the famed cross-dress outfit, there’s certainly no shortage of love for the titular character.

Image credit: Jenni Lada (Siliconera)

Tifa Lockhart

The great fighter who continues to kick ass at every turn, Tifa is often recognised for her white crop top, and a leather skirt that is topped off with a pair of suspenders. The only missing thing is her fingerless boxing gloves, but that’s no biggie, because she’ll still let her punches and kicks do the talking anyway.

Aerith Gainsborough

The flower girl is the definition of “don’t judge a book by its cover,” hiding aggressive and chaotic energy under a genial, friendly demeanour. Her dresses only serve to perpetuate the guile, harmless look, sporting warm, and sentimental hues.



Ah yes, the infamous big bad. The sheer number of buttons and latches on Sephiroth’s robe in-game is rather ridiculous, but that’s not stopping Final Fantasy VII fans from attempting to recreate it. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a weapon-free zone, however, so the One-Winged Angel will have to go without his trusty Masamune this time.



The world of Final Fantasy VII Remake extends beyond the golden trio and Sephiroth, however. Characters like Reno, Barret, and Yuffie are not forgotten, with each getting their own custom outfits – heck, even Red XIII, and Crisis Core‘s Zack Fair are included in the list. If the minimalist aesthetic is more your thing, there’s a simple Buster Sword shirt design to adapt as well.


The release of Final Fantasy VII Remake has reignited the love and nostalgia for the original, and that enthusiasm certainly carries over to the creations in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It’s pretty cool that the side characters, especially those who aren’t in the spotlight often, have their own designs, too, which makes the whole wardrobe change even easier. It doesn’t necessarily have to be entirely FFVII-themed – feel free to mix and match across various fandoms, such as the ones below:

Header image courtesy of Twitter user @tiffprida.

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