Host An Avengers x Animal Crossing: New Horizons Party With These Codes

Go on any social network platform, and chances are at least one Animal Crossing: New Horizons post will be on your timeline. It’s with good reason, too – from catching tarantulas and visiting a friend’s island to chasing away ugly villagers (poor sods), there’s plenty of relaxing, own-time-own-target activities to enjoy. Embarking on artistic endeavours is a popular pastime for many players, which have resulted in a spate of custom designs based on various fandoms, including The Avengers.

In a show of love for their favourite characters, talented and dedicated fans have recreated the aesthetic of the beloved Marvel superheroes to great detail. An Iron Man hoodie? Done. A Captain America shirt? No biggie. A Spider-Man-themed outfit? There it is. While there are certainly many, many Avengers-inspired designs out there, we’ve managed to compile some of the ones we found, which you can import by scanning the QR code with Nook Link, or inputting the code at the Able Sisters’ shop.

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Avengers, Assemble!

Captain America and Iron Man seem to be the most popular picks among the Avengers gang, sporting a host of costume variations from different players.


Supporting Marvel Characters

There are the heroes, and then there are the sidekicks to the Avengers, anti-heroes, and villains – yes, even those from a separate cinematic world. Meet the likes of Bucky Barnes (the Winter Soldier), Loki, Rocket Raccoon, Deadpool, and the Carnage-Venom pair in gamified glory.

The Lone Rangers: Miles Morales & Avengers Theme Song Town Tune

It’s nice to see Miles Morales getting some love from fans, especially with Peter Parker often basking in the spotlight. For the complete Avengers/Marvel experience, don’t just stop at collecting outfits – here’s the signature Avengers ditty to liven up your little (or huge, if you’re using the time-travel mechanic) island.

Given the sheer number of Marvel fans all around the world, this outpour of creativity is but the beginning. Luckily, fan-made website Nook’s Island helps to keep track of Animal Crossing: New Horizons codes to the best of its ability for easy reference. YouTube channel Nerd Attack! has also uploaded a video with over 500 QR code designs across an extremely wide range of fandoms, which are all very conveniently time-stamped in its pinned comment. Check it out below:

As for Star Wars enthusiasts, there are plenty of other themed designs available to live out your Jedi dream…or Sith Lord dream, if you are more inclined towards the Dark Side.

Header image courtesy of Twitter user @yuma18justice.