Essen Spiel 2020 Board Game Convention Cancelled, 2021 Edition Already Planned

Stop us if you’ve heard this before — another major convention has been called off due to COVID-19, but at this point in time, it hardly comes as a surprise. The 2020 edition of Essen Spiel, the world’s largest board game convention, has been instead postponed to 2021, with new dates already announced.

Essen Spiel 2021 will take place from 14 – 17 October 2021, according to a recent announcement on the event’s official site. After “exploring all possibilities” for which to host the convention this year, the organisers felt it would be better to withhold Essen Spiel this year entirely and instead just plan ahead for the following year.

The cancellation of Essen Spiel 2020 means that Gen Con 2020 in the US is the only major tabletop convention that is still slated to happen from 30 July – 2 August this year. However, with the US currently being badly hit by the coronavirus, it remains to be seen whether the event will even go through.

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