90-Year-Old Gamer Grandma Officially Recognised As The World’s Oldest Video Game YouTuber

It’s never too late to be a gamer, and 90-year-old Hamako Mori is testament to the statement. Known affectionately as Gamer Grandma on YouTube, the Japanese woman only got started on the gaming journey 39 years ago at the older-than-usual age of 51, and has never looked back since, rolling out one video after another to finally receive one of the most coveted honours: a place in the Guinness World Records, as the oldest video game creator on YouTube.

Mori was all smiles in her latest video on the platform, where she announced the grand news. In it, she confirmed that her name has been entered into the list, and expressed her gratitude to every one of her subscribers. “I’ve never thought that I’d be the best in the world at something. And it’s all thanks to you guys,” she enthused.

According to the record-breaker, the decision was determined by two main factors: subscriber count, and the average views of her videos. “90-year old grandma plays Dauntless” is the most popular reel thus far, gathering about three million views.

Mori is more than just the ordinary gamer, however. Apart from showcasing her gaming prowess, she also does unboxing videos of new consoles, and has an array of retro consoles at her disposal, which speaks volumes about her fervent passion for gaming. To stand out in the ever-saturated gaming market, though, one would require a strong, individualistic personality, and the woman has built herself to be witty, humourous, and domestic. Case in point: Before embarking on the monster-slaying adventure that is Dauntless, the woman was seen to blow out candles on her birthday cake. Aww.

The 90-year-old is proof to never give up on your hobbies, even if they are catered to a younger group of audience. A hearty congratulations to Mori-san, and we look forward to more of her gaming endeavours!

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