E3 2017 Recap: PC Gaming Show

It’s time for the Master Race! PC Gamer’s PC Gaming Show 2017 is the celebration of all things drivers, graphics cards, processors, and tweaking everything about your personal computer. Hosted by Sean “Day 9” Plott, we got a good look at the future of PC gaming, more Xbox announcements, more PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and a deluge of new games!

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

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The last game to be showed off at PC Gaming Show 2017, Microsoft Studios is bringing back Age of Empires: Definitive Edition for the franchise’s 20th anniversary. With remastered 4k UHD graphics, gameplay improvements, Xbox Live multiplayer, and a fully remastered soundtrack, nostalgia is a mere click away, and will definitely please strategy game fans of yesteryear!

XCOM 2 – War of the Chosen

Coming via 2K and Firaxis Games, the already stellar XCOM 2 gets even more content with new aliens, weapons, soldier classes, abilities, and more. The story will also be expanded with the arrival of the Chosen, champions of the aliens that will challenge players with each skirmish.

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The Assassin, for one, is a stealthy close combat opponent, with the Hunter and the Warlock rounding out the Chosen. The humans will also be bolstered by three new resistance forces, with some of the strongest soldier classes only available if you win their favour. More details to come, but XCOM 2 – War of the Chosen is confirmed for release on August 29.


DoubleFine is back with yet another whimsical title developed by Glumberland, customization and making the game your own seems to be the name of the game. A tonne of cute Ooblets, a huge selection of clothing, hairstyles, and a house to decorate as you see fit, this could be the Animal Crossing that Xbox and PC players are looking for!


A turn based mech battle game? Based on the old school tabletop game, it was awesome to see a game starring giant mechs destroying each other and the environments. With singleplayer skirmish, multiplayer skirmish, and a freeform Mercenary campaign, loads of hours will be lost to Battletech in my future. Tenets like directional facing, progressional armour degradation, and even overheating apply, so think hard and think fast if you wanna succeed at Battletech.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

One of the more open world roleplaying games ever made, Mount & Blade 2 brings the series’ iconic large-scale battles and world management sim into the new generation. It already looks great, and hopefully, we will see more of this game soon.

Total War: Warhammer II

After the success of the first Warhammer, Creative Assembly will now bring the world of High Elves, Dark Elves, and Lizardmen into the global conflict that is Total War. Showing off a Quest Battle – The Battle of the Fallen Gates – the might of the High Elves are met with the ferocity of the Lizardmen. With huge monsters facing off and soldiers clashing, it is great to be a strategy game fan again, especially on September 28 when Total War: Warhammer II releases.

Shadowverse – Wonderland Dreams

This trading card game gets a new expansion that adds new cards into the already deep world of Shadowverse. A fairytale-like theme runs through Wonderland Dreams, but good always come with evil, and all is not well in this new world of Shadowverse. Get your hands on the new expansion this coming June 29.

The Future of Gaming – Intel

The tech company discussed the future of gaming with innovations in both hardware and software. With their cutting-edge 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processor pushing the boundaries of framerates and performance, Intel name dropped several partners, including a certain Destiny 2. 

Intel also introduced Level-Up Contest, a collaboration with heavyweights like Razer and Tim Schafer of DoubleFine to discover the next big indie hit. The Intel Gram Slam Series should also interest eSports enthusiasts, with the grand prize of US$1 million up for grabs for any team that does the grand slam. VR eSports athletes are also not left out, with Intel’s VR Challenger League featuring Echo Arena being the next avenue of competition.


Wanna play as a cutesy fox in a Legend of Zelda-like adventure? Look no further than this isometric and gorgeous looking hack-and-slash. With interesting enemies and a pretty robust combat system, this is another gem to look out for in the future!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The breakout star of 2017 so far, PUBG from Bluehole Studio has been the king of Twitch streaming and YouTube recently. Technically not a full release yet, creator Brenden Greene was on stage to discuss new additions to the game, including vaulting, new weather effects, and a brand new gun. Modding and new maps will also be in the pipeline, but stability remains the main concern of the developers.

Killing Floor 2 – The Summer Sideshow

Tripwire Interactive of Killing Floor fame will be bringing more content to Killing Floor 2 with The Summer Sideshow seasonal event. Featuring more depraved monstrosities of a carnival theme, expect more gore, explosions and gore as you embark on another killing spree. Free on Steam starting tomorrow, you have no reason not to head into Killing Floor 2!

Forza Motorsport 7

With Xbox’s Play Anywhere initiative, it was no surprise to see Forza grace the stage of PC Gaming Show 2017. Promising an authentic experience of driving a car at its peak, PC gamers will be glad to learn that most, if not all, driving wheels will be supported (even the Guitar Hero controller!). Turn 10 Studios has also lowered the minimum specs needed for the game, ensuring more people can play the game, awesome!

Sea of Thieves

Rare’s next adventure set on the high seas also made an appearance, with a look back at the features unveiled yesterday. With uncapped framerates, a wide range of supported resolutions, and strictly not a port but parallel developed, Sea of Thieves will release early 2018.

The Last Night

A platformer at its heart, this was a showstopper from Xbox’s conference with its unique art style and a futuristic world that warrants a second look. In a world where humans are surpassed by AI, Odd Tales Games’ debut title will challenge you to solve dastardly puzzles and manoeuvre through a dangerous future in a two-nights period. Keep this one in the must-play category folks!


Bohemia Interactive’s wants you to be inspired, and learn to survive, craft and master a new world. Why stop there? Discover ruins, treasure, and lay siege to rival castaways, all theses before the advent of technology pushes you into the modern age. This create-your-own-adventure style sandbox game already looks promising and could be a cool title for the creatives amongst gamers.


Klei Entertainment, who brought us Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja, has a new sci-fi adventure awaiting players. Meet new companions, journey through dangerous lands, lie, cheat, exploit, and do much more as you move through the gorgeous world of Griftlands.

Lone Echo

Another VR adventure, what sets Lone Echo apart from its VR brethren is the movement by VR climbing, hard to explain but once you see it, it will be intuitive. Explore space and learn about the mysteries in Lone Echo.  The multiplayer component, known as Echo Arena (mentioned by Intel), will focus on eSports and seems to be a futuristic ball game played between two teams of 10. Both Lone Echo and Echo Arena will be available July 20, and free to all Oculus Rift owners!


Cliffy B himself announced a June 30 Open Beta for his latest shooter, LawBreakers, and espoused the need for players’ feedback to ensure that the game will be more balanced. With high octane, gravity defying, and intense action, LawBreakers will be arriving on PC and PlayStation 4 August 8 for the affordable price of US$29.99.


From the creators of Starbound and Stardew Valley, Chucklefish Games’ Wargroove already scratches my Advance Wars‘ itch with its turn-based, grid-based strategy gameplay and the awesome graphics. Last seen as an indie title on the Nintendo Switch, it will also be coming to the PC with online play, mod support, and a full-fledged editor. Excitement abound!

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

A constant throughout E3 so far, Monolith Production’s Shadow of War also made an appearance onstage. With a focus on a new story, memorable characters and the epic scale of battle, Shadow of War is poised to stake a claim for Game of the Year.

That’s it for the PC Gaming Show 2017, another great conference with game after game being showed off in detail. Have any of the reveals made you giddy with excitement? Let us know in the comments below before we head to Ubisoft’s conference later on!

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