‘Dustbiters’ Packs Post-Apocalyptic Mayhem of Mad Max Into A Card Game

Launching 2 August 2021, Dustbiters is a brand new Kickstarter card game that channels all the vehicular destruction from Mad Max in one place.

With a playtime of about 20 minutes, Dustbiters is a straightforward hand management and relative movement game reminiscent of Get Bit.

While there isn’t a plastic shark chomping on overboard sailors, an invisible dust storm swallows the last car at the end of every round. This turns the game into a literal race to stay ahead by sending your opponent’s cars into Valhalla.

Most of the strategy is derived from the various cars’ powers that players draw over the course of the game.

With 21 cards in the deck to draw from, the challenge is really figuring out each unique car’s abilities. Sadly, this makes it hard for most gamers to remember especially those new to the game. Most initial games are spent reading all the text which slows down the game siginificantly.

Thankfully, Dustbiters speeds up considerably once players get a hang of things. And the relatively quick game rounds mean that multiple games can be played per session.

In our exclusive per release set, Dustbiters seems to be all prepped for launch. The artwork is fantastic and is reminiscent of Martin Handford’s style from Where’s Waldo.

The biggest drawback of the game has to be its low player count. Maxing out at two players, big groups will steer clear of this game.

If that doesn’t put you off, do check out their Kickstarter campaign with an estimated shipping date of November 2021.