Singapore’s Aftershock Delivers $10,000 PC To Quarantined Gamer’s Hotel After S.O.S.

Gamer Vignesh Rajkumar went into quarantine and only had time to pack the basic essentials for his 14-day stay, and he to leave his gaming rig behind. After tweeting about his lack of gaming, Singapore’s Aftershock went into action. Packing the S$10,000 machine from Vignesh’s home, and the team had it delivered to his quarantine hotel.

For free.

In a time of COVID, a cottage industry has popped up to help folks stuck indoors take their mind off the four walls around them.

From exercise bikes to the Nintendo Switch, folks have been suppling creature comforts that help pass the time.

Without these special individuals, having the television or Netflix on 24/7 can only bring someone so far.

However, in the case of Vignesh, Managing Director of Royal Nuts and Dorado, Singapore custom PC builder Aftershock PC stepped up as a beacon of light to light his darkest hour.

With plenty of RGB no less.

Having returned from Ivory Coast, Aftershock is helping Vignesh make the best of his 14-day quarantine.

And it’s not any regular run-of-the-mill rig that was delivered.

Having purchased Aftershock’s top-of-the-line Ultracore build, the company arranged for the S$9,636 rig to be delivered to his hotel room. Complete with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to help Vignesh make the most of his time indoors.

Vignesh’s Ultracore build is no slouch by any measure, featuring premium EK watercooling components to round off the build.

The only bottleneck we see? The hotel’s dismal wifi might be sorely lacking to match the power of the rig.

The PC Master Race has certainly found its quarantine champion.