Donut County’s Developer Goes From Chill Casual Vibes To Hardcore Demon Massacre In ‘Neon White’

Ben Esposito, developer of the chill, casual, wholesome goodness that is Donut County, has a new game coming out.

And it has guns. Quite a few, in fact.

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Neon White is a tantalising mix of first-person shooter, role-playing game, and Mirror’s Edge-style platforming. The protagonist, Neon, wakes up in heaven, and participates in a demon-slaying competition.

There are 100 handcrafted levels. No procedural generation. Which means the pacing and groove of the levels are going to be finetuned with precision.

Every level is designed for speedrunning, where the player runs and guns their way down to the end. Each level, according to Esposito, can last from ten seconds to two minutes depending on the player’s skill level.

What makes the game unique is the ‘soul card’ mechanic. In the game, players can pick up cards, and can use the weapons pictured on them, or discard them to use a specific traversal ability.

Not only is the concept cool, the artstyle is also sharp and has personality. This really is one game to look forward to.

Neon White will be published by Annapurna Interactive and will be released winter 2021 on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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