Disney Confirms Three New Star Wars Films Will Be Released Starting From 2022

The Skywalker saga may end with The Rise of Skywalker, but it seems we will not have to wait too long for the next film in the Star Wars franchise. Disney has just confirmed that it will be releasing three new Star Wars movies starting in 2022 and ending in 2026.

Disney announced that each new Star Wars film will be released on the pre-Christmas weekend of 2022, 2024, and 2026. It is worth noting that Disney has not specified whether the three films will be part of a trilogy or are simply standalone films. This could possibly mean that Disney and Lucasfilm have yet to decide on whether to move forward with Johnson’s or Benioff and Weiss’ Star Wars films.

Disney has already announced previously that the Star Wars film franchise will be going on a short hiatus following the release of The Rise of Skywalker. Though at that time there was still no news on exactly how long the hiatus will be. Now we know that the studio plans to have the Star Wars movies go on a three-year break before coming back to the big screen.

Disney’s decision to alternate the release of the new Star Wars movies with the Avatar sequel (a property which came under Disney following Fox’s merger with the studio) means that Disney is aiming to dominate the box office during Christmas season. This was a deliberate move on the studio’s part as they have even delayed the release of Avatar 2 from 2020 to 2021 to specifically alternate with the new Star Wars films.

In the meantime, before the release of the new films, Disney will still be releasing two Star Wars TV series for Disney+, The Mandalorian and an untitled prequel series focusing on Rogue One Diego Luna’s character, Cassian Andor.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will release in theatres on December 19, 2019.

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