Devolver Digital’s ‘Cult of the Lamb’ Is Part-Hades, All Cute and Satanic

Who knew we needed a cute cuddly ball of sheep fluff in our lives? But make it Satanic.

At first sight, Cult of the Lamb, looks like a big mesh of a variety of games we’ve played in the past. A good dose of Binding of Isaac, Stardew Valley, Don’t Starve, plus Hades, and we’ve got one of the freshest takes of the dungeon crawler genre thus far.

It certainly helps that the premise of the game has players growing their own flock, so to speak. Whether or not your followers are put to good use or sacrificed for near-term gains seems to be hook. With a large following, better benefits would be unlocked down the line. If that sounds like a corporation or massive cult, it’s really hard to distinguish these days.

For gamers, if the game is able to capture the same magic that we saw with Dungeon Keeper and Legacy of Kain has been missing for quite some time now. Being morally grey is definitely the gameplay vibe we could use more of these days.

The trailer is totally worth a watch and we’re looking forward to seeing how the game finally turns out!

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