Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Has Decided To Become Mario Kart And That’s Only Scratching The Surface

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut was teased back in June at the Summer Game Fest 2021. This will be an expanded, upgraded version of the original game.

With the new preview trailer, we get to see many of the additions that the Director’s Cut will get, and they are, in true Hideo Kojima fashion, truly eccentric.

It is not just a simple improvement to combat and increasing the variety of weapons.

There will be brand new delivery tools like the Cargo Catapult, which lets Sam Porter Bridges launch parcels into the air for a more convenient and efficient delivery, Buddy Bot, which is a bipedal robot that can carry its own set of packages while following Sam around, and boots that decrease fall damage.

More missions are expected too, as we see Sam delving deep into an underground facility.

Also, with an inclusion of a firing range for players to test out weapons, and the ability to revisit boss battles, players can now compete for high scores on those fronts.

Then, there’s the fun stuff. The Director’s Cut will feature new mechanics where players can do stunts, show off tricks, build jump ramps, and race on the race track while on vehicles. Who knew that Death Stranding was actually Mario Kart in disguise?

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut will be released on PlayStation 5 on 24 September 2021. Given all the jam-packed new content, this is a no-brainer for fans of the original, especially when they can upgrade their PlayStation 4 version of the game for just US$10.