Delayed Attack on Titan Final Season Episode Becomes Double Feature For Next Week

The final season of Attack on Titan has generated much hype among the community, with mind-bending story twists and reveals leaving fans at the edge of their seats as they await the next episode. An unexpected earthquake in the Wakayama prefecture on 15 March 2021, however, meant that the greatly-anticipated broadcast of episode 14 (episode 73 if counted from the start) had to be postponed to make space for an emergency news coverage, which is entirely understandable – we’re talking human lives here, after all.

In wake of the scare, the Japanese government then reported no serious injuries and casualties, and confirmed that a tsunami threat was extremely unlikely. For enthusiasts of the series, the good news doesn’t stop there: public television broadcaster NHK has rescheduled its 14th episode to the following week on 22 March at 12.10 am JST, with episode 15 set to air immediately after at 12.34 am.

This comes up to a double feature, so fans can look forward to a 40-minute-or-so action fest instead of the weekly 20-minute-or-so watch time. Funimation and Crunchyroll are expected to resume their streams next week as well.

The announcement is certainly a treat, and we’re more than relieved that the earthquake didn’t claim any lives. Now, if only the Rumbling in the anime could be averted as well…

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