Danny DeVito Says His Penguin Is Superior To Colin Farrell’s

Danny DeVito let it slip that he believes his version of the Penguin is the best one onscreen.

The actor played the Batman villain in Batman Returns but the character has since been taken over by Colin Farrell for Matt Reeves’ The Batman starring Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit.

In an interview with Variety where the actor was strapped to a lie detector test, DeVito was shown a photo of Farell and asked “what about this Penguin?”

The actor responded, “I love Colin. He’s a terrific guy. [But] my Penguin was better.”

DeVito then looked over at the polygraph examiner and asked, “Was that the truth? It most certainly was. In my opinion.”

Colin Farrell as Penguin in The Batman.

Both actors personified the Gotham villain in distinct contexts, with DeVito embodying Tim Burton’s gothic camp style and Farrell operating within the moody noir of Reeves’ pic.

The Batman swooped into theatres and earned a total of US$770.8 million at the Global Box Office with a sequel in the plans. Although it has not been greenlit by Warner Bros, fans are hoping to see more of Pattinson as the Dark Knight once again.