‘Ghost of Tsushima’ Requires PSN Account Linking For Multiplayer On PC

Democracy may have escaped the PlayStation Network (PSN) account-linking prerequisite on Steam, but the same cannot be said of Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima. The Director’s Cut version of the open-world samurai game is slicing its way to PC on 16 May, but its multiplayer mode will require a PSN account.

The confirmation came amid outrage over Sony’s decision to implement a PSN sign-in for Helldivers 2 players on PC. In the wake of the policy’s cancellation, Sucker Punch clarified in a series of tweets that the requirement won’t affect the single-player experience, and only applies to the Legends co-op mode and the use of PlayStation Overlay.

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Alongside cross-play between Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and PS5, the PC port for Ghost of Tsushima also includes the Iki Island expansion and Kurosawa Mode. It will ship with with tailored features such as unlocked frame rates, ultrawide monitor support, assorted graphics settings and presets, as well as customisable mouse and keyboard controls.

What makes this situation different from the Helldivers 2 debacle is that account-linking was made clear ahead of release. In the latter’s case, it was going to be added at the end of a poorly-communicated “grace period”, which would see players losing access to a game they had paid for, since PSN isn’t supported in many territories. VPN services can’t be used either, as that violates Sony’s terms of service and can result in an account ban.

Still, it bears asking if individuals in these countries will be locked out of specific portions in Ghost of Tsushima. There’s no clarification on this front just yet, so we’ll have to wait and see.