PlayStation State Of Play Kicks Off 2024 With Epic Slate Of PS5 Games

PlayStation kicked off 2024 with its first State of Play on 31 January. Running at over 40 minutes long, the show featured plenty of guest appearances from some of the most talented minds in the gaming industry. Apart from extended looks at Stellar Blade and Rise of the Ronin, both coming to PS5 this year, there were also a whole slew of new looks and trailers on the slate of titles coming to PS5 and PS VR2 in 2024 and beyond.

The showcase ended with a special announcement from Hideo Kojima, that Kojima Productions is currently working on a brand new action-espionage game. However, based on what was shared, it’s going to have to be at least a 3-year wait before we can get to play it on the PS5.

“Yes, today, I’m excited to announce that we at Kojima Productions are creating a brand-new action-espionage game. Preparations are underway, but production will begin in earnest after Death Stranding 2. We have strong experience with Sony Interactive Entertainment, having grown the action-espionage genre together for almost 30 years, and while most of our partnerships with Sony in the past have been for games, they also produce music and films, and this will definitely be a cooperative collaboration, ” said Hideo Kojima.

Here is the full 40-minute showcase for your viewing pleasure:

Otherwise, if you prefer to watch each of the game titles in smaller chunks, go ahead and pick them out below at your leisure, and plan out your time over the next few months to dedicate some serious PS5 game time.

Helldivers 2 (8 Feb)

Get ready to join the Helldivers once again and fight for freedom with friends across a hostile galaxy in this fast, frantic third-person co-op shooter.

Stellar Blade (26 Apr)

Save humanity from extinction in this electrifying story-driven action adventure. We get a new 6-minute gameplay overview of this “stellar” PS5 exclusive title.

Sonic X Shadow Generations (Autumn 2024)

Shadow the Hedgehog is back and teaming up with Classic and Modern Sonic in an all-new collection featuring two unique experiences – Play as Shadow the Hedgehog in a brand-new story campaign, and tackle iconic 2D and 3D stages as Classic and Modern Sonic in a newly remastered version of Sonic Generations.

Zenless Zone Zero

HoYoverse’s latest urban fantasy ARPG is currently in development for PS5, on top of its PC and mobile release at some point this year. Alongside a unique art style, dynamic music, and urban life gameplay, the game features thrilling action combat that aims to appeal to both action veterans and newcomers.

Foamstars (6 Feb)

Foamstars has slid into the February Monthly Games line-up on PlayStation Plus on 6 February!

Dave The Diver (Apr)

Dave The Diver is finally landing on PS5 in April, and alongside that, a free Godzilla DLC to be released in May.

V Rising (2024)

V Rising is an immersive vampire action RPG survival game with castle building. Awaken after hundreds of years of slumber, weakened and thirsty for blood. Explore a vast open world of dark horrors and, worse: the deadly sunlight. Raise a mighty castle worthy of your name, and convert the most promising humans into thralls to serve within it. Pillage villages raid bandit camps and traverse the territories of supernatural beasts. Drink their blood to steal their knowledge and power to become the greatest predator of them all.

Silent Hill: The Short Message (Out Now – FREE!)

An all-new, modern Silent Hill experience, powered by the latest in-game technology, is now available FREE to play (yes, the full game) exclusively on PS5!

Silent Hill 2

Take a look at new gameplay footage for the upcoming remake of Silent Hill 2, including what players can expect from the improved and modernized combat.


Ghost Story Games’ upcoming narrative first-person shooter from the creator of BioShock. Major BioShock vibes from this story trailer!

Metro Awakening (2024)

Vertigo Games brings the post-apocalyptic world of Metro to PS VR2 in a story-driven first-person adventure built exclusively for VR that blends atmospheric exploration, stealth and combat.

Legendary Tales (8 Feb)

Legendary Tales is an ARPG for PS VR2, a dungeon-crawling adventure where you and a group of friends can travel together into the dungeon and defeat monsters, collect loot and explore the mysteries of the corrupted land.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 (22 Mar)

An all-new action trailer for Capcom’s next big title.

Rise of the Ronin (22 Mar)

Team Ninja Game Director, Fumihiko Yasuda dives into exclusive Rise of the Ronin gameplay, captured on PS5.

Until Dawn (2024)

Rebuilt and enhanced for PS5 and PC, Until Dawn invites you to relive the nightmare, and immerse yourself in a gripping slasher horror where every decision can make the difference between life and death.

Death Stranding 2: On The Beach (2025)

A long 9-minute extended look at Death Stranding 2. Embark on an inspiring mission of human connection beyond the UCA. Sam, with companions by his side, sets out on a new journey to save humanity from extinction.