Summer 2024 And Not-E3 Gaming Showcase Schedule Guide: Singapore Edition

As those in the gaming community would know, June is the time for a whole slew of new announcements, trailer drops, project updates, and more. It’s a tradition cultivated by E3, and while the annual affair is no more, there are still separate showcases to plug the gap.

Summer 2024 Gaming Showcase Guide Singapore

The good news is that gaming’s biggest season will continue to be as packed as ever. But where E3 previously acted as a one-stop for all of these presentations, they now run on their own schedules, making it difficult to keep track of the dates.

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For those looking to bask in the excitement, here’s when every showcase is scheduled to go live, with dates and times in Singapore Time, or GMT+8.

DateScheduled StreamTime (GMT+8)How to Watch
31 May, Fri Marvelous Game Showcase 6 AMLINK
31 May, FriSony State of Play6 AMLINK
31 May, FriSilent Hill Transmission7 AMLINK
2 June, SunNext Indie Direct1 AMLINK
4 June, TuesBest Indie Games Summer Showcase11 PMLINK
5 June, WedOTK Games Expo3 AMLINK
6 June, ThursAccess-Ability Showcase11 PMLINK
7 June, FriGuerrilla Collective1 AMLINK
8 June, SatSummer Game Fest 20245 AMLINK
8 June, SatDevolver Direct8 AMLINK
8 June, SatFuture of Play11 PMLINK
9 June, SunWholesome Direct12 AMLINK
9 June, SunLatin America Games Showcase1 AMLINK
9 June, SunWomen-led Games Showcase2.30 AMLINK
9 June, SunFuture Games Show3 AMLINK
10 June, MonXbox Games Showcase12 AMLINK
10 June, MonPC Gaming Show3 AMLINK
10 June, MonUbisoft ForwardTBCLINK
JuneNintendo DirectTBCLINK
JuneUpload VR ShowcaseTBCLINK
3 August, SatTHQ Nordic Digital Showcase3 AMLINK
While the Summer Game Fest showcase is leading the charge for the Summer 2024 conference season, the the return of big players like Xbox and Ubisoft, as well as Sony and Nintendo, should promise plenty of hype. Indie enthusiasts and fans of underrepresented studios or games can also look forward to more content variety, with the smaller presentations bringing a change of pace from the AAA focus.

No E3? No problem. With each passing year, the gaming space has shown that it’s able to stand on its own just fine — and 2024 is no exception.