China Bootleg Mandalorian And Baby Yoda Minifigures Show LEGO The Way

With Season 1 of The Mandalorian having just ended, and Season 2 slated for release this fall, the world simply can’t get enough of “The Child”, better known as “Baby Yoda”. And with official toys from Hasbro and Funko only expected to hit shelves in May of 2020, and no sign of LEGO joining in the fray anytime soon.

Clearly, the Baby Yoda craze has hit China too, and bootleg minifigures of Mando with an adorable Baby Yoda companion minifigure have already showed up on AliExpress, going at a mere US$1.20,

Prefer Mando in his fully decked out Beskar armor instead? No problem. The seller has both variants. Both are expected to start shipping out just before Chinese New Year (25 Jan).

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This is the way, if you can’t wait for the official LEGO release, if ever.

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