Channel The Power Of The Moon With ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection

Sailor Moon seems to be on a roll this year with not just one but two major collaborations, and it’s only February. They have previously collaborated with Skechers and Uniqlo to release a series of sneakers and clothes themed after the Sailor Scouts themselves.

This time, Sailor Moon will be teaming up with cosmetics brand ColourPop to release a series of makeup all themed after the series.

The collaboration was first teased by ColourPop on their Instagram page with a short video clip of Sailor Moon Usagi’s transformation sequence.


Soon after, ColourPop released another post announcing the Sailor Moon x ColourPop collaboration to help fans “fight evil by moonlight”.

The Sailor Moon collection consists of the Pretty Guardian Shadow Palette, two pressed powder blushes, a Moonlight Lip Bundle, a Daylight Lip Bundle, and two shades of Gliterally Obsessed.

The collab will be released on ColourPop’s website on 20 February 2020

Aside from Sailor Moon, ColourPop had also released a Disney collection featuring some of Disney’s coolest villains.