ASUS Announces 12mm ROG Flow Z13 Tablet With Gaming Laptop Specs

Tablets are usually seen primarily as productivity or creative devices, but ASUS flips the script with the ROG Flow Z13, which is billed as a Windows-based gaming tablet. Announced at CES 2022, the tablet features a 13.4-inch display and a kickstand, with Windows 11 and offering up to a 14-core Intel Core i9-12900H, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti GPU, and 5200MHz LPDDR5 memory.

At just 12mm of thickness, the ROG Flow Z13 is essentially a gaming laptop with a slimmer form factor. The display can either be a 1080p IPS touchscreen with 120Hz refresh rate or a 4K IPS touchscreen with 60Hz refresh rate. The tablet also comes with a detachable keyboard that features RGB backlighting.

This is a tablet that blurs the line separating a laptop and tablet due to its specs and focus on catering to gamers. Prices and availability are yet to be announced, but given how much a premium the ROG brand commands, it’s definitely not going to cost a pretty penny.