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The most eye-catching ones of all showcased ROG products.

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Watch out, Razer and Xiaomi, another contender has entered the field, and it's a strong one to beat.

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The GX800 is very similar to a Bentley - unbelievably huge, exceptionally fast and insanely expensive.

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For those who want to travel and game, the G701 is the laptop for you.

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ASUS continues to show their commitment in believing that the console style gaming PC is a growing trend...

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A thin and light laptop that boldly ventures into the gaming notebook territory, and weighs in at just...

The ASUS ROG GT51 is a World’s First, and We Want One!

Presenting the world's first gaming desktop to feature the latest 2-way SLI NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X graphics...

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Something huge has arrived on our review table, and quite frankly, we’re not quite sure we want to...

The ASUS ROG GX700 is laptop gaming decadence

Yes, we're certain it can run Crysis five times over.