CES 2019: Google Assistant Goes Smarter With Enhanced, Helpful Features

The digital age of information has increased our reliance on technology and its products, so Google’s trusty AI helper, the Google Assistant, was an innovation that many welcomed. From expanding to more regions to learning new languages, it has enjoyed a great year of growth, and the big G is looking to ramp things up in 2019.

With the annual Consumer Electronics Show currently happening at Las Vegas, Google has taken to the show floor to demonstrate some new, handy features that users can look forward to in the near future. Integration among other devices and Google products, in particular, is the highlight of the team’s showcase, spurred by the goal to bring increased convenience and efficiency to users.

First on the list is the Google Assistant Connect, a platform for device manufacturers to implement the Google Assistant into their products in an affordable, hassle-free way. It hooks the Assistant up to devices around the home, such that the sense of interconnectedness is more strongly felt. The AI assistant is also set to be integrated into other Google services like Google Maps as well, which allows the former to be built into car accessories.

But the travellers and globetrotters will perhaps stand to benefit most from this new arrangement. Between helping users out with the logistic work – including checking in on flights, saving and retrieving boarding passes, and booking accommodation – and a new Interpreter mode for Google Home devices and Smart Displays that support conversations in a dozen of languages, Assistant is one dependable travel companion indeed.

Google is piloting Interpreter over at the concierge desk in Caesars Palace, so those dropping by CES 2019 may wish to give it a spin. Alternatively, interested parties can head down to the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco and New York City’s Dream Downtown for a quick hands-on session – after all, it is shaping up to be a promising service, and well on its way to becoming the best digital assistant out there on the market.

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