Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters Get Makeover From God of War’s Art Director

When he is not busy working on God of War, Saf Grassetti can be found producing art for some of his favourite series, and one of them, to the cheer of fans everywhere, is Super Smash Bros.

As it turns out, the wildly talented art director of Sony Santa Monica is a huge Super Smash Bros. fan and has decided to show it by releasing a series he has dubbed Smash Bros. Remastered which features Grassetti putting his own unique spin on classic characters from the popular platform fighting game.

The Remastered series started just 4 days ago with Grassetti posting his take on Metroid’s Samus Aran. He has soon added several more characters to his own roster – Link, Star Fox, and even Bowser in all his terrifyingly magnificent glory.




His latest artwork might raise some eyebrows as the artist has taken several liberties in his drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog. The blue-coloured super speedster has been given a manlier body, not unlike how Sonic looks like in the poster for the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

At the end of his Sonic Instagram post, as with his other posts, Grassetti teased us with the promise of the next artwork to come which is none other than the powerful Pokemon Mew Two!


Grassetti’s Smash Bros. Remastered series has even caught the attention of famed artist Bosslogic who designed a poster based on Grassetti’srendition of Sonic and praised Grassetti for his artwork.

Here are some more of Grassetti’s amazing works of art:






If you wish to follow Grassetti on his Smash Bros. Remastered journey, simply follow him on either his Instagram or Twitter.