CES 2018: Enter the World of High-Stress Durability with Nexstgo’s First Flagship Commercial Laptop

The technology market is a breeding ground for intense competition, and the laptop product line is no different. Between mainstays like Lenovo and Asus, and the niche field of gaming with the likes of Razer and MSI, the thought of heading into an already well-established industry can be rather intimidating.

That’s not enough to stop Hong Kong-based tech nova, Nexstgo, from launching a new commercial laptop at CES 2018. True to its name of PRIMUS, which means ‘first’ in Latin, it’s indeed the first flagship commercial laptop from the company, and comes in two different size options (the 14-inch, and 15.6-inch).

Weighing in at 1.3kg, the 14-inch PRIMUS is extremely lightweight, with a slim body to boot. Yet, for all of its petite self, it’s deceptively durable, having proved its mettle in various stress trials, including 12 US military grade tests that determine a machine’s performance under extreme weather conditions or severe external attacks – a bold statement from Nexstgo’s side.

Nonetheless, PRIMUS promises to be a reliable and hardy option for commercial use, and that’s a good start to pulling in users.

The company has also latched upon the increased focus on the virtual reality and augmented reality scene, teaming up with 3Glasses to deliver the Windows Mixed Reality experience to users.

Next in Nexstgo’s showcase lineup would be the AVITA IMAGO Smart Mirror, which harnesses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to control a series of products from one dashboard. With the help of multiple sensor systems, and an Android OS, it’s able to translate collected data into user-friendly reports, such as the weight, skin quality, and sleep quality of users. Should one be too busy to catch up on world happenings, the AVITA IMAGO is here to help by providing relevant information – rightly a system of efficiency, and user consideration.

Hardware fans were introduced to the AVITA LIBER laptop series as well, alongside the new 4K-resolution AVITA AIO.

A day of technological goodness for everyone, it was.