CES 2018: Dell Debuts New Alienware Software Command Centre and Esports Training Centres

With the exception of a light update on Dell’s Inspiron Gaming Desktop, instances of gaming news were few and beyond during the American giant’s showcase at CES 2018. Instead, its XPS product line served as the main star of the event, especially with the unveil of the impressive XPS 15 2-in-1.

That’s not to say there weren’t any significant updates on the gaming front, however.

Following its earlier show reveals, Dell took to the stage to announce the debut of the new Alienware Command Centre – a handy little tool that merges settings, content, and other function into a user-friendly platform.

It’s a strategic move, considering how there’s an increasing demand for interconnectivity, and content synchronisation, which, likewise, applies to the realm of gaming as well. This in turn means both newcomers and experienced gamers stand to gain the most out the system.

Case in point: the Alienware Command Centre helps users to optimise PCs and related peripherals to suit their individual gaming needs. With just a click on the launcher tool on the app’s homepage, titles downloaded from any source will then come together to form a centralised game hub of sorts, allowing for easier access, and greater sorting efficiency.

To better enhance the gaming experience, individual keys and key groups with more than 16.8 million colours on Alienware’s second-gen lighting system AlienFX can be customised via the app as well.

Unlike the past, the “esports” term is often associated with game lexicon nowadays. True to the spirit of gaming, Dell and Alienware have further built upon their foundation in esports to launch the new Alienware Esports Training Facility for Team Liquid in Los Angeles Think a professional athlete’s training quarters, but for members of Team Liquid.

Spanning across 8,000 square feet, the dedicated training centre will house an in-office chef, analyst, a game coach, sports psychologists, nutritionists, and training spaces – powered by nothing but the best Alienware and Dell technology (no surprises there).

Of course, esports wouldn’t be esports without streaming services, and both companies act upon this by having a backstage crew of the design, video, and coaching teams to deliver the ultimate action-packed viewing experience, and other creative content for fans.

Competitive gaming has taken the world by storm, and this latest investment by Alienware and Dell is proof of its limitless potential.