Captain America: Civil War – The Blue Carpet Event To Beat

It’s been a week since #TeamCap graced our shores and looking back at the festivities, it’s hard to imagine that stars of their stature made Singapore the destination of choice. And this Little Red Dot was up against #TeamIronMan in Paris. All things considered, it was a pretty awesome event, whether you paid for a Blue Ticket pass, got invited, won one, or was simply one of the hundreds who waited patiently for a glimpse of the Captain America: Civil War stars.

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Were there some hiccups? Sure, but we’ve noticed that plenty of anger has been directed at the event’s location, Marina Bay Sands. While the hotel group provided the location, they were not the organisers of the event and had little or no control over the night’s list of events. This is akin to seeing your favourite football team lose a match, and you start blaming it on the football field.

With an event of this scale, there’s always bound to be hiccups and as far as we know, Reed Exhibitions probably bit off a little more than it could chew when it started selling S$1,288 tickets, and had to pull them from their online store less than 48 hours later. But at the end of the day, the resounding screams of the fans on the Blue Carpet made it all worth it.

When it comes to topping all the red carpets that we’ve seen in the recent years, the scale and fanfare in which the Blue Carpet was rolled out by Disney and Marvel has set a new new high. Just check out the final revelation, where the facade of the ArtScience Museum has been altered, to reflect our allegiance to the Stars and Stripes.

Photo credit: NoAverageJoe.tv
Photo credit: NoAverageJoe.tv

This Blue Carpet is one tough act to follow, and it remains to be seen if any movie studio hoping to the do the same can ever top what we witnessed a week ago.

In case you missed out on the festivities, we’ve a great video above that showcases all the amazing moments for the night. Special thanks to No Average Joe for putting it together!

The only thing that could have possibly come close to beating this experience was watching Spider-Man appear on screen for the first time at the premiere shortly after. If you’re still on the fence with regards to catching the movie, you’re potentially missing out on the greatest superhero movie ever made.

With Infinity War only two years away, we certainly hope that the Russo Brothers and stars will want to come back to our shores. We at Geek Culture had a great time covering all of this from start, and we hope you had a great time too.

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