Capcom Is Selling A US$1,500 Coat To Complete Your Resident Evil Village Chris Redfield Cosplay Outfit

Given all the buzz surrounding Resident Evil Village, Capcom is riding high at the moment. In fact, if not for the positive reception, releasing a US$1,500 jacket veers close to madness.

But for cosplay fans who want nothing but the best, this one screen replica jacket worn by Chris Redfield is spot on.

The Japan-exclusive coat is an impressive facsimile. True to its screen counterpart, the coat comes with no buttons. The coat comes in 4 sizes. The usual Medium, Large and Extra Large. But also a  “Original Model” that used 3D scanning of the in-game character to duplicate a carbon copy of the protagonist’s coat in the trailer itself.

You could also get a complete set of the Resident Evil Village collectible set by adding a miniature equipment set and an art book named “Village of Shadows”. 

The coat is released on the Capcom website on 8 May 2021. You can get one for JP¥159,731 (or US$1,530). The equipment set and art book bundle cost JP¥12,100 (or US$116).

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