Can You Name These 10 Star Wars Elements That Have Appeared Across Every Trilogy?

We’re no more than a month till the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and the excitement for the closure of the Skywalker saga is reaching an all-time high. While you’re grabbing toys and other merchandise, watching The Mandalorian on Disney+, or playing the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to fuel your fandom, there’s certainly plenty of reason to get hyped for the upcoming 9th main film in the beloved 42-year-old franchise.

In celebration of over 40 years of Star Wars, we’ve decided to list down some of the most important and iconic bits of the series that all have appeared across all three trilogies in some form or other. The catch here is that we won’t include their names, just their pictures and descriptions, so the onus is on you to guess who or what they are.

And no, we won’t point out the obvious generic items, like lightsabers, common spacecraft or mere references. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

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#1. An orphaned farmhand who encounters an ancient religion

Of the list, this one’s a doozy. This dude is arguably one of the most iconic characters on this list, and for good reason. From milking blue milk in a remote desert farm, to fostering a friendship with a kind old man, to being a starfighter pilot, and one of the most powerful and respected Jedi in the entire franchise, his rise to prominence is definitely nothing to scoff at. Nevermind ingloriously fading to air (sigh) as his supposed final farewell, though we hear he will be back.

#2. A princess who rebels

This character is every bit as iconic as the one before. But unlike the first entry’s journey from rags to riches (in a way), this one started off with a silver spoon in her mouth. But it didn’t make her any less bold and brash with her outlook in life, as her weapons of choice are a blaster pistol and her sharp wit. And did we forget to mention that she has a sibling?

#3. A sentient bear that can use a crossbow

Ah, yes. How can anyone forget this fluffy fan-favourite? From his pure emotions expressed in his face or his iconic cries, to his undying friendship with a certain rogue pilot, there is so much to love about this guy. Not to mention that he played an integral part in both the Galactic Civil War, as well as the First Order-Resistance War later on, so he is every bit of a badass as the trio before him.

#4. A harmless butler bot who is entrusted with saving the world

Another familiar face, and one whose very image will instill quite a hefty amount of chuckles. A lot of its scenes are skewed toward comic relief, and for good measure. How can a service droid, whose program is specifically to aid in the daily household routines of its owners, end up on the winning side of not one galactic war, but two? It’s a hilarious thought, but one that we certainly embrace. Its very existence, much like entry #5, is the reason why Star Wars is great not just for hardcore fans, but families looking for a lighthearted romp as well.

#5. A diminutive droid whose loyalty to its friends is unwavering

Of the two droids included in this list, this one is arguably the more popular. We’re not sure if it’s the size, or the cute beeping sounds it makes, or the fact that it electrocutes enemies that get too close to it, we just love it. Even if you don’t, you can’t deny that scenes with this little guy have coaxed out a chuckle, or even a smirk from you. A character of few words (heck, just a series of beeps), but definitely the most charismatic of the lot.

#6. A sun-fearing old man who seeks attention more than anything

The only true villain in this series, but rightly so. His influence has spread even beyond his death in the original movies. Even the flawed prequel trilogy fleshed out just how menacing he can be, having slinked his way into the ranks of the Jedi Council, and even within the ranks of the Sith, how he reinforced the Rule of Two was simply frightening. Hearing his sinister laughter at the end of the trailer for The Rise of Skywalker was certainly a goosebump-inducing moment for many. The question now is, just how will he reappear?

#7. A devout priest who speaks in a very unique manner

Opposite #6 is one of the most badass good guys in the franchise, as well as the wisest. Where the previous entry is cold, calculating and charismatic, this character is kind, encouraging and quirky, which makes him very loveable. Every scene he is in, no matter how little, is impactful, purely because of how quotable he is. Not to mention his superb lightsaber skills, which had no doubt got us on our toes when we watched that particular fight scene with #6.

#8. One of the fastest spacecraft in the galaxy

Now, all heroes need a ride to save the world more quickly, right? In all of pop culture, there probably isn’t anything more cool or faster than this particular spacecraft. While this isn’t a humanoid or droid character per se, it does have some, well, character, in the role it’s played in both the Galactic Civil War and the First Order-Resistance War. What’s even more spectacular is that it wasn’t even designed to be a proper warship, so whoever outfitted it with military-grade weapons is a genius.

#9. A planet that can blow up other planets to smithereens

Since the good guys have an iconic spacecraft to ferry them about, why not the bad guys, too? Technically, this one isn’t so mobile, as its sole purpose is to literally destroy other planets, but we’ll just throw this one in simply because it’s easily the most recognisable. Its namesake alone is something to behold, and its concept was so brilliant that its initial destruction led to the demand and construction of a second version during the final years of the Galactic Civil War, as well as a spiritual successor during the First Order-Resistance War. Not bad, for something that in and of itself could be blown up so easily.

#10. What you say to bid someone else good luck

Okay, this one is probably stretching it, because it isn’t even a tangible thing. But it’s been used so often in all Star Wars media that it just had to be included. For many, it’s a way of life, as it’s what people say to wish others well. There are many other lines that we could use in this list, but this one stuck out the most simply because it was the most uplifting thing you could say to anyone, non-fans included.

Bonus: A guy who’s been to hell and back, quite literally

Actually, come to think of it, this final entry might be the most iconic one on this list. We’ve included him as a bonus because his appearance is somewhat limited in the current trilogy (at least #6 has his laugh, meaning to say he will probably part of it in some form). But his influence throughout all three trilogies (arguably even more than the aforementioned #6) is felt more strongly, simply because, well, he’s directly related to some of the major players in The Rise of Skywalker. Now we just need him to appear in it and our collective lives will be complete.

So, could you guess who each of these iconic characters are? If you’ve caught up on the trilogy, you shouldn’t have a problem. If you don’t, however, then now is probably the right time to catch up on all the eight Star Wars movies so far!

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