The rise of the machines has begun, and it all starts with this DIY battle robot kit.

Who needs virtual reality, when you can control a sword wielding robot with your smartphone?

China-based GJS is crowdfunding their Ganker robot, a mechanical steel robot meant to do battle with other Ganker robots.

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From the images on its recent Indiegogo campaign, it looks like the robots, which uses the same exoskeleton, come with different armoured shells that give it its distinct look. I wonder how long it will take for fans to design their own fan-made shells in the form of the Ed 209. And if you’re a fan of Battlebots…. think of how you can zng your Ganker?


And how do we know that these machines are built for mass destruction? Why, it’s from their miniature swords and guns of course. Think of these as Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots for a new generation, complete with samurai swords and lances. This is the Real Steel folks… but without Hugh Jackman.

These mech warriors are controlled using an Android or iOS app, which allows users to control their direction, as well as the use of their arms to lay waste to enemy combatants. Each Ganker robot sits on a multi-directional, multi-wheel chassis, and the servo-powered machine is able to throw punches, kicks, even swing a sword.

While the exoskeleton is the same, the different pieces of Ganker robot armor comes with a sensor to detect contact. If you strike another robot, or get struck by a robot in specific critical areas, one health point gets deducted and when your robot’s health drops to zero, it’s game over.

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The early birds can pick up one Ganker for US$249, but since they work better as a set, you can pick up a pair for US$529.


The campaign has hit 40 per cent of its target with a month left to go, and stretch goals include an infrared gun.

But what’s exciting, if it ever happens, is that the developers want to add virtual reality and first-person perspective elements into the robot.

These prices are not that steep, considering that Singapore just saw the launch of the Robi subscription robot that will eventually cost S$2,000 to assemble. Of course, there is no guarantee that crowd funded campaigns will be successful, but which child doesn’t want to build an awesome robot?

(And grow up to deny the existence of the robot because he was too busy being a Sith Lord.)

The company says it also intends to start global robot competitions, but until we see a working prototype, don’t count on Robot Wars happening just yet.


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