This LEGO SNES Can Turn Into Four Transformers

LEGO truly is the toy where our imagination is the limit. We are lucky enough to be able to see a portion of the infinite possibilities within those Lego bricks thanks to highly creative and passionate Lego masters.

And one of these LEGO masters is Baron Julius von Brunk. The man built a 1:1 LEGO sculpture of his own head, just because he’s that good. And now, he has built a LEGO Transformer. It’s not just any Transformer, but a SNES that can change into one. No need to detach parts and reassemble them, no. The LEGO SNES build can shift from one form to another the way a standard Transformer figure can.

Of course, no game console is complete without controllers and a library of games, so von Brunk also built two SNES controllers and a Polybius game cartridge as part of the set. Yes, the controllers and cartridge can be plugged and slotted into the console!

Both controllers and the cartridge can each turn into a Transformer as well, blowing our minds even further.

The build has many intricate details, such as buttons that can be pushed for that extra tactile oomph and articulated fingers for the main console Transformer. The YouTube video on von Brunk’s channel documents how the build is created, which will be a fun watch for both LEGO and Transformer enthusiasts.