bape star wars

BAPE Drops New Star Wars Capsule Collection Leaning Into Boba Fett

BAPE is releasing a new capsule with Star Wars to celebrate Disney+’s The Mandalorian

BAPE has been teasing fans on Instagram for a while now. The first Instagram post features the Star Wars and Ape Head logos side by side. The picture after it features the Mandalorian’s Mythosaur emblem. 

The second post features BAPE’s sidekick, Baby Milo, frozen in carbonite next to Boba Fett and two stormtroopers. Other designs include the Galactic Empire, Darth Vader and Boba Fett once again. 

This is a new addition to BAPE’s previous collaboration with Star Wars. Based on previous collaborations, fans can expect a range of apparels, vinyl toys and stickers.

BAPE’s new Star Wars capsule launches 30 November 2019 at all BAPE retailers and online.